Date: Fall 2006

Location: Atlanta, Ga

Design Notes:

This Art Gallery was designed as a sculptural element within a landscape of corporate office towers in downtown Atlanta.  The building as well as the surrounding green space was designed to provide a distraction or an escape from the everyday, as well as provide a display space on a site that is very close to the High Museum of Art, the city's only major art museum.

The building's design, inspired by a bird's wing was meant to evoke feelings of lightness while moving through the space.  Additionally the building's structure, a grid curving glulam beams, was meant to provide strength while allowing the optimum amount of light to penetrate the glass clad spaces.  The large rear walls on the north and east of the building are meant as datum walls to block out sounds from a nearby subway ventilation shaft.

Project Notes:

Project drawings are ink on board.  Drawings shown here are scans.  Laser cutter was not used in crafting the model shown.


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