Date: Spring 2006

Location: Atlanta, Ga

Design Notes:

The Firehouse was the first project for me that allowed a certain amount of freedom in program.  The project called lease-able or rent-able space, the occupants of which might be designated by the students.  In organizing the program on the site I found it would be most beneficial to implement a multi-leveled system in the firemen's quarters.  Doing so would allow equal access to the pull through engine room, located along the southern edge of the site, from any space a fireman might be in.  

Additionally the split level allowed the firehouse program to be arranged entirely on the south and east sides of the site, and left the west side of the site available for additional program.  Here the building would grow into two full stories, the lower floor being occupied by retail space and the upper floor being occupied by a doctor's office.  In this project the geometry of spaces alludes to their importance in the overall hierarchy of the building.  The firemen's quarters are given the most dramatic form, while the lease-able spaces are given the largest interior open space.

Above the engine room, where the two program types come together, is a space for study and observation.  The classroom spaces (second floor, middle) allowed for the inclusion of this space. Firefighters could come here and study, while looking out onto the engine room floor from a space cantilevered out over it.

Project Notes:

This project was executed with ink on board.  All drawings seen are scans from those boards.  Models are museum board and wood.  


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